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Inspired 2 Consultancy

Inspired 2 Consultancy provides a range of business support services to new and existing businesses. We offer information, advice and guidance. You may want to grow your business but don’t know how to or have hit a plateaux. Inspired 2 Consultancy is there to help progress your plans and put them into action.

Business and Operational Planning

A Business Plan is a formal statement of key strategic objectives and goals and how they will be achieved. A business plan does not have to be complicated.


Critical to the success of any business is to adapt and evolve in accordance with the changing landscape of business. Fundamental to that is the process of learning, education and training. We offer a range of courses that focus on critical business processes and ones that will help you secure a future for your business.


Brand Development

Creating a strong Brand helps build trust amongst consumers and builds a legacy which will help in selling your products and services.

Marketing and PR

When you have decided on your products and services, how will you get them out? Marketing and PR is absolutely vital in promoting/ selling your products and services.


The Goddess Lounge

"The Business Masterclass was so helpful and allowed for me to look at things step by step. I was able to ask questions when in doubt and got me questioning a lot about my business. Many key things to take away from it."


"The session with Juned was really informative. He shared a number of insightful examples to help make my business better."

Jestina Duncan

"The business masterclass was very informative. We went through business planning step by step. I was able to review and discuss the things I needed to achieve. Juned was very clear and excellent at delivering. I felt confident at the end of the class to develop an excellent business plan. Thank you from Living Beyond Surviving."

Akeila Browne

"The session with Juned was amazing, he provided much needed clarity on areas of growth that I hadn't seen before. He gave me practical actionable steps that I've implemented and have already started to see a difference in my business! Thank you so much Juned." 

Phia Mammam

"The best business planning meeting I have had, Juned is very thorough with his work. To be honest he gave me lots of great ideas that are tangible. Look forward to working with Juned on my business ideas."

Seb Hamilton

"Working with Inspired 2 Consultancy has helped us grow our brand in numerous ways. Their ideas and guidance gave us the knowledge to improve our business model but remain true to our original goals as a company."

Inara Laser Clinic

“Thank you for letting me provide you with an insight to my business, much appreciated, I feel very excited and enthusiastic after our talk this morning”

Simple Cures

“Original content and real business lifeline, thank you for your continued support, I’m glad I got in touch. Business has picked up and I get a lot more enquiries now that I am sticking to your advice”

Sticks and Stones Gardening Services

“ Had my first business consultation yesterday and within minutes Juned pointed out some key elements (pros and cons) that I happily took on board. Will defo be working with them a lot more in the near future and look forward to seeing my business grow from strength to strength with their expertise”

True Reflection Clinic

“It was an absolute pleasure speaking to you today. It was such a delight to speak to someone professional and be able to bounce ideas off. Look forward to hearing from you soon”

Inspired 2 Consultancy